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Monday Group Classes March 13th 2023-June 19th 2023. U-2000.

Wednesday Group Classes February 8 2023-June 7 2023. U-1200.

Martin Luther King Jr.Day Camp with GM Rashad Babaev January 16 2023

Simul Exhibition with Grandmaster Rashad Babaev in Manassas Mall January 14 2023

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Rashad was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. He became a Grandmaster in 2007 and is the winner of many International tournaments. As a young player he had esteemed coaches, including Oleg Privorotsky, the teacher of World Champion, Garry Kasparov. He has attended seminars of World famous chess coach Mark Dvoretsky in Moscow.
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Resad Babaev The Azerbaijani Chess Endgame School

The Azerbaijani Chess Endgame School

In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else.

In this 6-hour chess endgame course, experienced coach Grandmaster Rashad Babaev trains you in the skills you need to successfully master the endgame. Master the principles of practical endgame play, learn how to win with dynamic sacrifices, dictate the transition to the endgame and much more.

Resad Babaev The Azerbaijani Chess Endgame School

Learn how to play chess with International Grandmaster

Start playing chess. Learn basics of chess board, how to move pieces and basic rules. Course is designed for absolute beginners who are new to chess.




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Choose the once which are similar by the pawn structures. For ex: KID-KIA

It is always helpful. Every good player should know and study games of World Champions.

Computer programs can be very helpful. I like to compare analysis with computer program. Very tactical positions can be checked with program as well.

Follow general principles of playing any endgame position. Activation of pieces, specially King and creating passed pawns.

This is a big topic in chess and many players suffer with this issue. The best way is not to go over the calculated variations over and over. Be confident and calculate things only one time unless you feel position is very critical.

Bishops like space, open positions. Keep game open. This is the main strategy with 2 bishops advantage.